Market entry strategies



Working titel: An eclectic analysis of market entry strategies in the packaging industry

Short Description: The present doctoral project is devoted to build a total (not partial, based on a single theory) realistic model of market entry strategy choice. This model should be able to define the relevant factors that influence the performance of a definite market entry strategy. In this way, the choice of an optimal entry strategy will be theoretically derived.

The market entry strategy is defined here as a strategy of an initial entry in a foreign country market with the primary purpose of selling company’s goods on this market. It is important to stress that the possibly whole range of relevant market entry strategies will be taken into consideration, i.e. not only export, licence and foreign direct investment (as it is usually done in the previous research) will be analysed.

Furthermore, the general theoretical model will be reassessed in a survey of packaging companies. The last will help do argue, whether general models hold for separate industries or whether they should rather be industry-specific to be more effective.

Duration: 2008 - 2012

PhD project of M. Sc. Maiia Novruzova